Magali Macelli

Founder of Cabinet EquiLibre - Resources & Development (2009).

Doctor in Human and Social Sciences [Information – Communication – Interactions]
Trainer and International Speaker – Business Mentor
Support for change and creation – Brief therapies – Coaching
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Audience :

Magali Maceli mainly works with:

  • Health, wellness and personal development professionals
  • Entrepreneurs, business creators / buyers and project leaders
  • Creators and volunteers of associations
  • Trainers / facilitators
  • Information and documentation professionals

Type of training :

  • Training in well-being and personal development practices
  • Information training: Uses, Know-how and life skills, Information management
  • Stress management and performance
  • Create and develop your business - Undertake differently
  • Create and manage an association - Manage an associative project
  • Events: Creation, organization, management
  • Training/Prevention of psychosocial risks in companies and organizations
  • Cooperative management and team cohesion
  • Communication and relations: Communication theories and techniques, public speaking, reception and relations with users/customers, management of emotions, conflicts, support for professionals in distress.
  • Reception and management of the public: Stress management and communication in difficult situations, relationship and satisfaction of users
  • Animation of thematic courses, conferences, awareness days

Specializations in the field of help and support relationship

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Certified Access Consciousness (CF) Facilitator

Foundation class, Access Bars, Facelift and other specialized classes.
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Psycho-nutritional approach - Intuitive eating: Eating behavior therapist

Practitioner of the Think Tank on Obesity and Overweight (
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Cognitive, behavioral and emotional therapies (3rd wave CBT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
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Psycho-corporal approaches

Sophrology and therapy based on Mindfulness, management of stress and emotions
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Member of the professional certification jury for sophrologists

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Accredited Bach flower training

Bach flower advice
Bach Center accreditation number: FRP-2011-0520M

Individually or in a group, Magali Maceli consults in private practice and intervenes in organizations (institutions, companies, associations).